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Take me to any Occult Store or Botanica and see me make a bee-line to anything wicked or bizarre. I may have no need for a bat's tongue or ennui water or a madness cap, but I want one of each!

As repugnant as war may be the art of it is fascinating, and the art of psychic warfare is invariably more so.

"But Brother Chas," I hear you say, "aren't we all one soul, and don't we therefore do harm to our very own self whenever we curse another?" Makes me scratch my goatee and I have to answer "Of course you are correct, you must first pray that your foes see their wicked ways and repent, but if, after you have sent them white light and love from your bleeding heart, if after that they still stalk your neighborhood with a bloody ax, then you must throw black mustard seed in the park where they lurk so that their confusion may lead to their capture."

And with what is left over take care of that little snitch Karen in accounting.

Sure it may stunt your spiritual development, but we are all one, so on some level Karen also partakes in the laugh you will savor while watching her topple down a flight of concrete stairs.


Do you trust yourself not to use the dark forces?

Black Salt
1 oz.

Used properly, Black Salt wards against evil forces and removes jinxes.

Used wickedly, Black Salt makes for a most sinister margarita!





Goofer's Dust
1. oz.

Sprinkle on the path of your enemies to
cause them much strife!

Boneless kitties aren't much fun. But they are kinda funny.

Black Cat Bone

This item is traditionally used to boost
success and luck. Just try not to think of kittens on crutches.

Often this item is utilized to strengthen one's luck in some manner, for which purpose it is anointed with an appropriate oil, such as Van Van oil to return a lover, or Fast Luck for the roll of the dice.



I'm not even letting you have a button for this one!




Graveyard Dirt
1. oz.

Sprinkle over any object representing that which should be dead to you, and its as good as buried!

Excellent for use on unwanted habits and step-children.

Coffin Nails
3 Count

Many uses, many of them ghastly!
Use your own twisted imagination.


Pillow Powder
1. oz.

Sprinkle some under your would-be lover's pillow to make him or her your adoring and randy slave. For keeping a lover with you it's more effective than mutilation.
Ensnare a billionaire or pervert a pool boy, the power is yours.



All items sold as curio only.

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