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A Throwing Board is designed, quite simply, for items to be thrown on for the purpose of divination. In much the same manner that tea cups were crafted with symbols in them, and then interpreted according to what symbols the tea leaves clinged to, Throwing Boards present a variety of symbols that allow for items such as stones, bones and other curios to settle upon for a collective reading.

For "Javamancy" you are provided with five Coffee beans to throw. What does not land on the board is not taken into account. Those that land on a symbol give insight... if the bean is face up (with it's cleft exposed), then the symbol it has landed on will support you; if face down, then the meaning of its accompanying symbol is reversed.

This simple form of fortune telling is quite telling indeed, and folk who have used it have been amazed by the accuracy of its insights.

You can assign your own meaning to these symbols, many of which come from traditional tea-leaf reading, the Lenormand cards, and dream symbolism. Here are some meanings that may be helpful. The first definition is to be read if the bean if up, the secondary meaning applies should the bean be downturned.

Anchor: Restraint (Detatchment)

Automobile: Travel (Impediment)

Bee: Industrious (Idle)

Broom: Cleansed (Tainted)

Cage: Confinement (Freedom)

Carriage: Birth (Death)

Clover: Serindipity (Setback)

Compass: Change (Stagnation)

Cornacopia: Abundance (Lack)

Cross: Blessing (Burden)

Crown: Dominance (Slavery)

Fish: Prosperity (Poverty)

Gun: Revenge (Guilt)

Heart: Love (Rejection)

Horn: Celebrate (Mourn)

Horseshoe: Luck (Misfortune)

Hourglass: Deadline (Infinity)

House: Home (Foreigness)

Key: Access (Closure)

Ladder: Achievement (Failure)

Lily: Orthodoxy (Innovation)

Magnifying Glass: Inspection (Ignorance)

Man: Helpful Man (Hurtful Man)

Money Bag: Riches (Ruin)

Pen: Communication (Silence)

Ring: Commitment (Infidelity)

Scales: Justice (Discrimination)

Scissors: Separation (Reconciliation)

Skull: Ancestor (Haint)

Shoe: Habit (Spontanaity)

Snake: Deception (Revelation)

Syringe: Cure (Sickness)

Telephone: Message (Dismissal)

Umbrella: Prepared (Vulnerable)

Wishbone: Potential (Limit)

Woman: Helpful Woman (Hurtful Woman)

This board is shaped as a hexagon and measures approximately 8 inches across. It's wood is about a quarter inch thick. The image is coated with several layers of varnish that will keep it well protected. Instructions and suggested meanings for each symbol are printed on the back.

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